Blue Hokkaido Spiced Rice

As fleeting and wonderful as Shark Week, another much-anticipated period hits my household each year: Squash Week (Dun dun dun!). But unlike Shark Week, Squash Week is free of junk science and sensationalism. Well, fine, here's a little sensationalism for you Shark Week fans:Squash Week airs in the McLively household mid-November, when Berkeley finally gets a mid-60's "crisp" [...]

Green Garlic Soup with Lemon Cardamom Yogurt

This week's vegetable is "exotic" simply because it's only available a few weeks out of the year, and because we don't recognize it in its immature form. Green garlic is actually just young, spring garlic pulled up early before it divides into the multi-clove bulbs we are used to seeing in grocery stores. Farmers pull it up early to [...]