Upcoming book release events, and great article in Eater SF

It’s hard to believe that, after months in the making, the release date of my cookbook is almost here! This weekend I’ll be at Berkeley Bowl signing the very first books to get into the hands of the public… I’m excited, nervous, elated, sad (that my mom couldn’t be here to witness this), proud, and a bit scared too. Will people like it? How will it be received? It’s hard to put something out into the world for judgement that you’ve spent so much time incubating in your heart and mind. But here we go!

Fortunately, I’m encouraged by the good press it’s getting so far. A great article came out yesterday in Eater SF about the book. You can check it out here.

Below is a list of upcoming events. I’ll post more about them as they get closer, but mark your calendars for now!

See you this weekend at The Bowl.

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