Huge news! The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook is in production!

If you’re wondering where I’ve disappeared to, the answer is a fantastic one. After signing with Berkeley-based publisher, Parallax Press, I have devoted every spare minute of the Spring and Summer to the project of my dreams: The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook. If you haven’t already figured this out from my blog title, I’m kind of a fan of Berkeley Bowl, and couldn’t be more excited or honored to be sharing that with the world in a beautiful, touchable, bound version of my recipes!

I’m sorry I haven’t shared the news with you sooner. The truth is I was in survival mode there for a while, trying to keep up with my full-time job and meticulously preparing 80+ recipes over the past couple of months, all to get ready for the first photo shoots last week. I promise that going forward I’ll invite you into this process and share about it along the way. I still have about 20-30 recipes to develop and so much more to do, so there is still quite a ways to go!

Speaking of photo shoots, one of the most exciting aspects of the development of this cookbook is getting to work with a pair of geniuses: food photographer Erin Scott and food stylist Lillian Kang! Watching them bring my recipes to life last week in the first photo shoot was an incredibly poignant experience for me — the culmination of months of hard work, sweat, tears, accidental poisonings (more on that later), emotional breakdowns, and lots of laughter which led to these stunning photographs. I don’t think I’m allowed to share the photos with you yet, but I will as soon as I can! For now, here’s one of Erin and Lilian studying a shot of chayote pozole:


That’s all I’ll say for now, but more to come soon! Thank you to my blog followers for being a part of the genesis of this project and for proving that there are other people out there as interested as I am in exploring these unique, unknown and extraordinary fruits and vegetables! I look forward to taking you along with me on this crazy journey as we bring this cookbook to life.

With gratitude,


San Jose Mercury and Oakland Tribune

Eat Drink PlayAnother front page spread in the Eat, Drink, Play section! Four delicious, vegetarian recipes that prove that traditional, Spanish cooking doesn’t always have to feature meat. Tortilla de esparragos, judías verdes, gazpacho andaluz, and empanada de pisto will have you celebrating summer with the season’s best produce and not missing that jamón serrano at all.

You can read the article online here, and be sure to click on the individual recipes listed in the “related stories” box on the right-hand side.

San Jose Mercury & Oakland Tribune

Eat Drink Play

How exciting to open up the Oakland Tribune this morning and find my article on the front page of the Eat, Drink, Play section!

I was asked by the editor of the food section, Eat, Drink, Play, to write an article and develop recipes featuring winter produce, and I couldn’t be more pleased with seeing the colorful photos and tasty recipes scattered across the pages. You can read the article online here, but be sure to click on each recipe listed in the “related stories” box on the right-hand side!

Berkeleyside NOSH

Blogger inspired by unique, exotic at Berkeley Bowl

I had the immense pleasure of being interviewed by Alix Wall, a writer for Berkeleyside Nosh and fellow Berkeley Bowl fan. She really captured the inspiration behind this project and what drove me to this insane challenge of designing a recipe for each and every unusual fruit and vegetable at Berkeley Bowl.

Please check out MBB’s media debut on Berkeleyside Nosh. The cover photo is by the incredibly talented Mike Byrne.