Happy Release Date!

It’s finally here — The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook is officially in stores today! And that’s not all; word on the street is it’s already the #1 new release on Amazon for vegetarian cookbooks! It feels surreal.

As if that weren’t enough excitement for the day, I got to start off the morning with an interview with Suzy Chase of podcast Cookery By the Book, and topped it off with an interview with Scott Shafer on KQED’s Forum! Although I started off a bit nervous, I loosened up after a bit and ended up having so much fun. It has been quite a day so far, and I feel so grateful for these opportunities to do what I love.

It’s time to go celebrate with Mike and my little meatball (somehow this has become Leah’s nickname despite being a vegetarian household…). I want to thank all my readers and my community for your support and excitement about the book. We’ll raise our glasses to you today!

9 thoughts on “Happy Release Date!

  1. Magen Marshall says:

    Laura- My book arrived from Amazon today and I just finished listening to your interview! I know I said it this past weekend, but your book is truly beautiful! I have already been sitting here forever spilling over the pages and getting lost reading all the recipes.
    Go celebrate, you deserve it!!

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