I’ve grown up and self-hosted, now I need your help!

Hello friends of My Berkeley Bowl. First of all, I cannot thank you enough for all of your support, comments, and likes over the past few months of this exotic food adventure! You have been so tremendously encouraging that I decided to take the plunge and move to a self-hosted site so that I can finally build a recipe index (coming soon!). So…

WELCOME TO MY NEW SITE! I now have a real URL, MyBerkeleyBowl.com.

But this came at a huge cost… transferring sites means that I have now lost all my followers AND all my “likes” for my recipes! This is obviously a blogger’s worst nightmare. If you continue to support my quest to create recipes for weird, exotic, beautiful and rare produce, it would mean a lot to me if you’d go back and like some of my recipes so they don’t look so lonely and unloved. Thank you retroactively and in advance for your support. And I hope that my new site will allow me to create a better experience for my readers. As always, please let me know if you have any feedback along the way!

Happy cooking and don’t forget to get exotic. 

14 thoughts on “I’ve grown up and self-hosted, now I need your help!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This sounds awful. Have you recovered your followers yet? I didn’t realize that happened. Now I wonder if I should self host right away.

    • Laura McLively says:

      Yes, if you think you are going to self-host eventually, better sooner rather than later! I’m not sure if everyone has refound me again, but my old posts did not recover their original likes! Good luck.

  2. Beth Ferree says:

    I love your blog, Laura, and will go back through and comment on the recipes i have tried. Happy Thanksgiving to you and mike and keep up the good work!

    • Laura McLively says:

      Thanks so much, Beth. So glad to hear you are trying some of them. Please don’t hesitate to give any critiques or feedback!

      • Tom Miller says:

        Laura, would you consider becoming a “guest chef” at “Cocina Abierta” in Havana, adding recipes you might originate there? The project was started several years ago when Green Cities Fund (www.greencitiesfund.org) organized a visit by a group of chefs from Chez Panisse who spent two weeks cooking with Cuban chefs. The project’s purpose is to encourage a better diet in Cuba through sustainable organic locally produced food, with outreach to local schools and institutions. We could provide you a casa particular to stay (which includes breakfast), but you would have to cover other expenses, including air fare. Our local representative Imogene Tondre would work with you.

        Best regards and congratulations!

        Tom Miller
        Green Cities Fund

  3. Bushka says:

    Forget to mention….This is a Super Picture of you Laura! Lovely!
    Have just clicked the ‘Follow; button again…to make sure I don’t lose you….Is that correct? Hugs!

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